of_many_treasures: (Henshin)
2012-08-10 10:12 am

Precure no Sekai (YPC5 Era)

[It's not every day that places are being burgled, but there's Kaitou up to his old tricks again, and taking what appears to be a valuable from a house within the environs of the area. It doesn't look like much, but he seems very interested in it.

He doesn't seem to notice he's being filmed by the network with his back turned to them. But then someone comes into the room.]

Ah! What are you doing? Give that back!

Sorry, precious treasures shouldn't be locked up.

[Anyone watching this in real time can see Kaitou jumping through a window and landing safely from two stories up, and him high-tailing it out of the town headed towards L'École des Cinq Lumières at top speed. Anyone who wants to intercept him in real time could very well do so.]

(ooc: any video responses will come about 2 hours after this incident.)