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Something to note about Kaitou's canon is that it is tied into the Greater United Toei Multiverse. Due to a series of crossover movies and events, the loose timeline follows and applies to several canons across the board in DDD:

1974: The Riders were born, and sometime during this time, they were destroyed. As a result, Riders began to be born across the Rider Multiverse. This world was then known as The World Without Riders.

1974: During this time, Super Sentai were born, and throughout the generations, at least once a year a new team was born to fight the evils. This became the foundation for what is known as the World Without Riders, aka Super Sentai World.

1974 to 2004: Numerous other heroes were born as well, Zubat, Inazuman, but also Space Sherrif Gavan. Gavan to this day has operated on earth and in space and has become one of Earth's great heroes.

2004: The Precure were born, starting with Black and White. Officially Heartcatch predates this with Cure Ange, but the first public Precure team was Black, White and Luminous. During this time, Black and White encountered Space Police Dekaranger, and again a year later with Mahou Sentai Magiranger. This event has not happened in DDD yet. Confirmed to happen via Honoka.

2009-2010: Kaitou enters the World Without Riders a few times, during Heartcatch and during the 2009 Era, also encounters Samurai Sentai Shinkenger by stealing Genta's Ika-chan Origami.

2012: Soon after the formation of the Smile Precure, the world enters a massive war known as the Superhero War. The Riders and Sentai are working to wipe each other out in a massive battle in the World Without Riders. This event has not happened in DDD yet.
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Player nickname: Shaun
Player LJ: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Way to contact you:
Email: skbgarin@gmail.com
AIM: Shaun Garin
Other: DrSKirk @ plurk
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: Yayoi Kise

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Jul. 5th, 2025 09:17 am
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How's my Kaitou? Comment below. Anon Enabled, Comments Screened.
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Kaitou is a thief. A really good one. If you don't want him stealing things, please list them below. Thanks.

Also, if you don't want him hopping into your world via his own powers, say so below.


Apr. 8th, 2025 08:23 pm
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Like any aspect of Toei franchises, Kaitou has a unique ability. Much like Tsukasa, when he makes bonds he can obtain Kamen Ride Cards to augument and/or summon people to his side. Not for real, just a duplicate with similar mannerisms and such. While I'll keep the whole thing on a by-ask basis, please be filling out this form. It'll save time. Contact me on any of my character journals or at plurk to discuss more.

Also, since I was reminded of it, there is a special tier of card called Final Attack Ride/Final Form Ride. Let me explain.

Final Attack Ride: This will perform your final attack from the person it's being used on, or by Kaitou himself. Such as Ren Akiyama's Final Vent, or Momotaros' Hissatsu.

Final Form Ride: It turns someone into one of three things: A Vehicle, a Weapon or a Alternate Form. A very good example of this is this video here.

This is a typical use of Final Form Ride and Final Attack Ride all together. People with the absolutely highest CR with Kaitou will grant him this power. Just fill out this form as well.

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[Well if this wasn't a sorry sight.

Kaitou was stumbling along, holding a wounded shoulder as he was making his way to the only people who he trusted to get him help. And with a groan, he collapsed in the front of Myodoun Academy, face first on the ground.

It wasn't long till students started noticing this, and Kaitou groaned as he tried to get up. He was also clutching onto a familiar looking cooler with a shrill elephant-like miniature sound trumpeting from inside.

With a heave, he looked up at the nearest student, biting out,] Call your student body president... and get me to the infirmary...

[Someone help? Looks like he got severely thrashed again.]
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Well shit. Grin, we have a problem. Looks like every attempt I've had in locating those items ended up in a massive mess. I can't get near them and when I managed to get close it was relocated.

Sorry about that. Looks like this is the first time that my skills actually failed me.
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Well shit. I think I tore myself open while giving a object lesson to the newbie.

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Solve a debate for me, will you community?

May Day music. Something traditional from the European continent...

... or Jonathan Coulton's First of May? Don't listen to it if you're sensitive, or in public without a headset.


Feb. 10th, 2013 10:04 pm
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Post your own series openings or endings. Go.

Mine is by the magnificent Gackt.

Yes I realize I'm not the main character.
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Momotaros I have a proposition for you. Something that might make a lady of my acquaintance interested and very happy, as well as helping out a few people in need.

Care to hear about it?
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[Kaitou made tracks quickly to the Myodouin household, bypassing anyone coming in the front door and leaping over the fence. His bag was squirming but he had put a lock on it just in case.

Slipping into the compound, he stealthed around and peered around a corner. Good, she was alone.]

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Kaitou had heard the call and while he wasn't altrustic in his motives, genuine curiosity had brought him out to this. So, he was traveling first to Kendrix's World and then over to the World Without Riders. He briefly entertained the idea of stealing from the Goseigers but considering how his last heist went poorly, well...

"Hey, Kendrix."
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[Kaitou stumbles into a bedroom and collapses. He looks really beaten up as he crawls towards the camera with a weary groan.]

Hey, community. Make a memo for me will you? Avoid the World Without Riders, ciria 2012, and anything pertaining to the Go-Busters. Specifically trying to steal Enertron fueled items.

Was gonna give it back anyhow...
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Kaitou had decided that he needed to make good on his promise, and despite Decade messing up his plans, he also had something new. But what to do with the treasure?

Well, better make a plan then as the shimmering wall he passed through dropped him off in front of Sena's school, and he started walking towards the church where he remembered she had a club at. With any luck, she'd be there early, and he could give her the 'present' he promised. It might not be the exact thing but hey.
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It was a good plan. Kaitou however didn't expect there to be tenacious defenders for the loot he stole. So it was a couple of bodhi blastia, but he didn't expect them to be that well coveted. As such, he was running for his life from a pack of angry Guild members, waving weapons and slinging spells at him. Well this was annoying to say the least.

Kaitou hadn't gotten the memo that blastia was heavily regulated, and for the Guilds to be hording them was probably a kings ransom. He just knew it was valuable to be honest. And thus, he was running, prolonging the chase.

"You'd think they'd have given up by now..."
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[Kaitou had a plan. And it was a good one.

He had noticed that the girls in this era were, well, a little less competent than the other Precure Teams. Technically he shouldn't be on this world, and the more time he spent there, the less time he had annoying Faiz so that he can get his belt and subsequently avoid Aqua's key of doom. As such, he decided to help out as it were.

Peeking around the Myoudouin Statue, he cocked his gun and armed it with three cards. Three mid-tier Riders should be good enough as a start. Lets see what it brings...]


[On cue, three Riders materialized in the middle of the schoolyard, and started menacing the populace while Kaitou watched from his cover.]
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[It's not every day that places are being burgled, but there's Kaitou up to his old tricks again, and taking what appears to be a valuable from a house within the environs of the area. It doesn't look like much, but he seems very interested in it.

He doesn't seem to notice he's being filmed by the network with his back turned to them. But then someone comes into the room.]

Ah! What are you doing? Give that back!

Sorry, precious treasures shouldn't be locked up.

[Anyone watching this in real time can see Kaitou jumping through a window and landing safely from two stories up, and him high-tailing it out of the town headed towards L'École des Cinq Lumières at top speed. Anyone who wants to intercept him in real time could very well do so.]

(ooc: any video responses will come about 2 hours after this incident.)
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Looking for Greed's Worldhop. Narrowed it down to the Serpents Den. Time to infiltrate.

... ho shit there's a lot of good stuff in here.

[Audio/video - Public]

Yes, a new treasure.

[You can see Kaitou is in a dingy place, a bar or some kind of underground area as he's fishing out some valuable looking stuff from a hiding place that was neatly concealed. He's making due with looking for Greed's worldhop, but for now he can content himself with rescuing treasures from different places.]

This is quite good. I wonder if there's more treasure here...
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