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Precure no Sekai (YPC5 Era)

[It's not every day that places are being burgled, but there's Kaitou up to his old tricks again, and taking what appears to be a valuable from a house within the environs of the area. It doesn't look like much, but he seems very interested in it.

He doesn't seem to notice he's being filmed by the network with his back turned to them. But then someone comes into the room.]

Ah! What are you doing? Give that back!

Sorry, precious treasures shouldn't be locked up.

[Anyone watching this in real time can see Kaitou jumping through a window and landing safely from two stories up, and him high-tailing it out of the town headed towards L'École des Cinq Lumières at top speed. Anyone who wants to intercept him in real time could very well do so.]

(ooc: any video responses will come about 2 hours after this incident.)
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[It's been a long time since Karen's had a thief running around, but you don't steal from her neighbors if you don't want to deal with Cure Aqua. Cure Aqua, who has just stepped out in front of Kaitou.]

I'd put it back if I were you.
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Really. [Aqua is amused. Also, water is dry, the Sun is freezing, and this past virus was fun.] I'm sure you won't mind if I turn it in to the police for you.
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Well, now, if you don't like being told what to do, I'm sure I can work out some other incentive. [That isn't necessarily a reassuring tone.]
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[Aqua initially raised an eyebrow at the gun. She stopped worrying about bullets a few the-same-year ago. The end result, though, is rather more interesting than she expected.]

Not bad. I'd show you mine, except that would be stupid.
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[What the fuck. Kaitou your powers are officially weird.

Aqua will therefore jump up and backward--]
Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow! [--and fire a full spread. Fighting outnumbered is normally her enemies' job, so she'd prefer to get out of that situation.]
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[Dodge! Using implausible weaving-through-the-air skills. Man, if you'd asked me which Karen I thought was most likely to end up dodging bullets in the air, it wouldn't have been this one.]

There's plenty more where that came from.

[When she lands, she has her Aqua Ribbon at the ready. Yes she can still do that shut up. She has it in sword mode just in time.]
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...what? [Kaitou you have just out-weirded yourself.]

[Aqua blocks, and hops back again, trying to keep all her opponents in view. That's right, Gills, she spotted you.]

I didn't know thieves brought their own armies these days.
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Oh, for crying out loud... Pretty Cure Aqua Tornado! [Aqua will have to deal with him later. Somehow. Right now she's got... puppets? to deal with. Hopefully this Aqua Tornado at close range--it must have looked like it was going to be a sword thrust--would take down Femme.]
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[Aqua dodges to the side and "forward" towards Gills, catching him by the arm. Her intend is to divert his momentum and throw him at Vega.]
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Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow!
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[Yep. Karen never could get the hang of these thieves who are actually named Kaito(u). She's going to go back to bed and pretend this never happened (and then be irritated all day anyway).]