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RL in Boku Wa Tomodachi World

Kaitou had decided that he needed to make good on his promise, and despite Decade messing up his plans, he also had something new. But what to do with the treasure?

Well, better make a plan then as the shimmering wall he passed through dropped him off in front of Sena's school, and he started walking towards the church where he remembered she had a club at. With any luck, she'd be there early, and he could give her the 'present' he promised. It might not be the exact thing but hey.
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Sorry so late T_T

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[Most of them were there early but luckily, Sena was on her way and managed to catch sight of him.

After making the group of boys following her leave, she'll move up to him, pulling him out of the way.]

W-why are you here?
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Noooo, I want quick and fun plays with you!

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I-I didn't know you were coming.

[She releases his arm.]

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[She'll grab it from his hands, all but screaming. If it wouldn't be so weird, she might even have hugged him then.]

It's a real one?!
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Heh heh! [The grin could split her face and for a second, she forgets herself.]

This is the best!
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There are so many people I can go to visit now!

[She stops to think for a second, mumbling to herself.] Boys there are weird so they don't like normal rewards...

[But then she speaks more loudly.] Then as a reward, I, Sena Kashiwazaki, recognize you as a real treasure hunter!
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[She looks toward the club.]

I probably need to go there first but then I want to celebrate with everybody.
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I don't know where to start...But oh, I need to do something for a lot of people to come!
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A lot of other ones!

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[Her stance mimics his, her eyes looking down in concentration. Behind her, a wall will appear]

How do I make it go away?
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I can take more than one person through at a time?
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[Sena didn't just have a worldhop. She had THE best worldhop.]

Anywhere I want?
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[Oh...wait, she's been showing way too much excitement.

She'll look down to try to hide the smile on her face.]

I-it's acceptable.
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Heh, I won't. I already know some of the places I can go.
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I won't go to different worlds unless I'm meeting pe...friends.
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Without them, it's not worth leaving my world, anyway.
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Can I change how it looks?
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[That much she can do!]

Then I don't need to take the belt.
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I have to go to club but then I want everybody to meet for a spa!
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It won't be fun if nobody knows.