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Daiki Kaitou ([personal profile] of_many_treasures) wrote2025-04-08 08:23 pm


Like any aspect of Toei franchises, Kaitou has a unique ability. Much like Tsukasa, when he makes bonds he can obtain Kamen Ride Cards to augument and/or summon people to his side. Not for real, just a duplicate with similar mannerisms and such. While I'll keep the whole thing on a by-ask basis, please be filling out this form. It'll save time. Contact me on any of my character journals or at plurk to discuss more.

Also, since I was reminded of it, there is a special tier of card called Final Attack Ride/Final Form Ride. Let me explain.

Final Attack Ride: This will perform your final attack from the person it's being used on, or by Kaitou himself. Such as Ren Akiyama's Final Vent, or Momotaros' Hissatsu.

Final Form Ride: It turns someone into one of three things: A Vehicle, a Weapon or a Alternate Form. A very good example of this is this video here.

This is a typical use of Final Form Ride and Final Attack Ride all together. People with the absolutely highest CR with Kaitou will grant him this power. Just fill out this form as well.

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