of_many_treasures: ([Diend] making it worse)
Daiki Kaitou ([personal profile] of_many_treasures) wrote2012-11-11 09:12 pm

RL in Precure World (2010 HCPC)

[Kaitou had a plan. And it was a good one.

He had noticed that the girls in this era were, well, a little less competent than the other Precure Teams. Technically he shouldn't be on this world, and the more time he spent there, the less time he had annoying Faiz so that he can get his belt and subsequently avoid Aqua's key of doom. As such, he decided to help out as it were.

Peeking around the Myoudouin Statue, he cocked his gun and armed it with three cards. Three mid-tier Riders should be good enough as a start. Lets see what it brings...]


[On cue, three Riders materialized in the middle of the schoolyard, and started menacing the populace while Kaitou watched from his cover.]

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