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Application for DramaDramaDuck

Player nickname: Shaun
Player LJ: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Way to contact you:
Email: skbgarin@gmail.com
AIM: Shaun Garin
Other: DrSKirk @ plurk
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: Yayoi Kise

Character: Daiki Kaitou
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Character Notes:
History: Daiki hails from the series Kamen Rider Decade, and plays the part of the secondary Rider, alongside Yusuke Onodera aka Kamen Rider Kuuga. Kaitou lived on a world formally known as DiEnd World, and it was here that he was a willing part of Fourteen's plan to take over the world, and make it a better place. Being a cop and enforcer of Fourteen's will, he worked tirelessly to make the world better, and defeat the Kamen Riders that were threatening the peace. However when he discovered the truth that Fourteen was not using his re-education process and instead injecting people with nanotechnology to overwrite their basic personalities and make them loyal to his will, he fled.

Somewhere in this period of time, he happened upon the ranks of Dai Shocker, and managed to steal the DiEnd Driver which was one of the two treasures of the world that he had managed to flee to. Armed with it, and the new drive to obtain treasure in each and every world he came across, Kaitou sought to also protect them from being lost, being that there is a precious treasure for everyone in their worlds.

Making his way across the worlds, he also soon came across Tsukasa Kadoya who had lost his memory from his journey through the worlds. Encountering him informally in Blade World, he resumed the journey afterwards in the next world, Faiz. It was here that Kaitou stole the Decade Driver from Tsukasa, but was forced to save him when Narutaki tried to kill Tsukasa with Kiva.

Deciding he would make his journey on his own, he continued to steal things through many worlds, such as trying to turn Momotaros into DenLiner so he could steal it, and the three treasures of the Oni schools in Hibiki, although he wound up mentoring the young Asumo in Hibiki's World and learning a little bit about himself. He also participated in the battle in the past, as he summoned Riders for the Imagin to fight and later possess. It was in the last presumed world that he once again showed up, and fought the Dark Riders who were ruling that world and watched Tsukasa gain Decade Complete.

After that, Kaitou went ahead to the next few worlds, stealing various things such as the Ika Origami from the Shinkenger World, as well as summoning a second Kotarou Minami in Black RX's world. However they also came to DiEnd's World where they discovered that his brother had become Fourteen's willing servant, and after Tsukasa and Kaitou defeated Fourteen, Jun turned against them and tried to kill Kaitou, but couldn't.

After Amazon World where Kaitou tried to steal the Gigigi and Gagaga Bracelets, and succeeded for a short period of time, they came to Tsukasa's home world, where a great Rider Battle was fought. After deciding the strongest Rider was Tsukasa, Dai Shocker arose from the earth and Tsukasa took his place as Great Leader. It was here that Kaitou had infiltrated the group to learn of their plans, and then saved Narutaki and Natsumi from death when the Shocker Combatants chased them down. After being persuaded into gathering the remaining Riders, Kaitou went with a newly invigorated Tsukasa to face off against the rest of Dai Shocker, where after what seemed like a hopeless battle, was joined by the title Riders from Ichigo to Kiva. And the newly arrived W also helped as well, although Kaitou didn't see that. Instead, when King Dark appeared, he used his greatest treasure, Kamen Rider J and then used a Final Form Ride on Tsukasa to turn J into a giant Decade Complete. He was then a part of the final attack, and journeyed to the next world where the true Rider War was to begin.

It was here that Kaitou found himself fighting for his own needs, making sure that Tsukasa was his alone to fight. The Riders all joined together to defeat Tsukasa, and in the end, Kaitou had him at point blank range. But, he didn't shoot, as he left the battle. Since then, he's been watching the Rider War, hoping for a resolution when Tsukasa was slain by Natsumi. With effort, they resurrected Tsukasa, and went to fight the remnants of Dai Shocker who had become Super Shocker. With Super Shocker destroyed, they went on a journey together.

Sometime later, they revisited Den-O's world so that Kaitou could undo a mistake he made. Having stolen a golden jewelled gun from a young man, he also realized that he let a precious treasure be destroyed, so he set it up so that his younger self would be stopped seconds before both treasures were lost. His younger self got away with the gun but then G Den-O gave him the DiEnd Complete K-Touch so that they could defeat the artificial Imagin that had taken over G Den-O's powers. Returning to the Hikari Studio, he did manage to steal Ryotarou's mug from the DenLiner.

During 2012, Kaitou also participated in the Superhero War. Information for this event is lacking due to no English release.

Personality: At first glance, one can simply assume Kaitou Daiki is a treasure obsessed thief, one that would do anything to obtain treasure. As time goes on, it seems that he has more to him than a first impression would give. While obsessed with treasure and the obtaining of them, he will do anything to preserve treasures from being damaged or lost. Also his definition of treasure is broad, from a mothers love to friendship, things that are also unobtainable through physical means. But those things he steals physically are kept safe, and from prying eyes.

He can be easily fooled at times, especially playing into Tsukasa's half-hazard attempts at foisting off treasures onto him that he himself cannot use. He will cut and run from a battle when the going gets tough, preferring to attack from the shadows instead of fighting directly, although as a Rider he is capable of both of these things. His skill with finding objects lost is a valued one, especially in worlds where the typical has a much different definition than normal.

He values his brother and wishes to return him to the kind man he was before he served Fourteen, and considers family a irreplaceable treasure. In fact, this whole situation is what caused him to go on the treasure hunt, and obtain things from across the multiverse. He will not intentionally harm anyone unless it is to his benefit, and considers certain people in his world irreplaceable.

He values friendship despite outwardly not caring about it that much, and finds it a troublesome treasure that could be replaced by anything. However, it soon rapidly becomes apparent that Kaitou is lonely even by Rider standards, and will fight to preserve his own needs and wants. He has a tendency to taunt people when things go in his favour, and troll as much as possible, giving them little chance but to sputter as he gets away with whatever he's stolen.

Other: Kaitou is in possession of the DiEnd Driver, a weapon-device that allows him not only the ability to travel between worlds on a whim, but transform into Kamen Rider DiEnd. His skills are often put to the test as a thief, and he steals treasure from all points and periods of worlds and times depending on how much access he has to time travel or to other worlds and timeframes.

As DiEnd he can summon any of the secondary Riders from the first 9 Heisei Rider seasons, as well as use cards for Amazon and Black. He will usually steal and run however from a fight, since his whole skillset comes from fighting and running and stealing.

Additional Links:

First Person (entry type):

How do you know, community if something's been stolen? Perhaps something that was locked down, hidden away, maybe even lost to time. How do you know that a treasure like that hasn't been taken already, by yours truly?

[And Kaitou makes a 'bang' motion with his thumb and index finger towards the surface of the DiEnd Driver.]

See you later, community. I've got a treasure to steal. [And perhaps the view would show your own place.]

Third Person:

Kaitou walked towards the group, DiEnd Driver in hand. "Know this, for before this day, and any other, I was a passing through Kamen Rider!"

Locking his card into his weapon, it proclaimed KAMENRIDE as he held it up over his head. "Henshin!" DIEND!

In a flash of light and a spread of 10 cards making a spiked crown, he threw himself into battle, kicking and punching and shooting at point blank range. "What you have to remember," he exclaimed as he ducked a strike and shot the enemy in the chest, "Is that you have the power to change all of this!"

More gunshots rang out as he fired into the enemies. "For that, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Is this my treasure?"

He fired more and locked a Kamenride Card into his weapon. "KAMENRIDE RAY!" And summoned Kamen Rider Ray. "It's really up to you."

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