of_many_treasures: (Aw Geez)
Daiki Kaitou ([personal profile] of_many_treasures) wrote2012-07-14 10:30 am

FMA no Sekai - private text/public audio and video

Looking for Greed's Worldhop. Narrowed it down to the Serpents Den. Time to infiltrate.

... ho shit there's a lot of good stuff in here.

[Audio/video - Public]

Yes, a new treasure.

[You can see Kaitou is in a dingy place, a bar or some kind of underground area as he's fishing out some valuable looking stuff from a hiding place that was neatly concealed. He's making due with looking for Greed's worldhop, but for now he can content himself with rescuing treasures from different places.]

This is quite good. I wonder if there's more treasure here...

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