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RL in Vesperia World

It was a good plan. Kaitou however didn't expect there to be tenacious defenders for the loot he stole. So it was a couple of bodhi blastia, but he didn't expect them to be that well coveted. As such, he was running for his life from a pack of angry Guild members, waving weapons and slinging spells at him. Well this was annoying to say the least.

Kaitou hadn't gotten the memo that blastia was heavily regulated, and for the Guilds to be hording them was probably a kings ransom. He just knew it was valuable to be honest. And thus, he was running, prolonging the chase.

"You'd think they'd have given up by now..."
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[Rita was, honestly, starting to drag a bit; they'd been on the road for a day or two now, and she still wasn't feeling 100% after being exploded back in Heliord. But she wasn't so tired she didn't notice the huge commotion coming toward them.]

Oy, Yuri. We've got company. A lot of company. And for once it isn't the Knights or the red-eyes. [She squints.] It looks like they're chasing someone...
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[Her eyes widen as a box is thrown her way; out of reflex, she catches it, since it would otherwise hit her in the face.]

What is this? Who are you? [She shakes her head.] Why are there so many people chasing you?
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That's not really a helpful answer! [She finally looks inside the box, and gasps, shutting it quickly.] Blastia...! You took blastia from these people!? Are you nuts!? They're going to kill you!
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[And suddenly there's a group of people running for Rita, who has the box.] Well, yeah, they'd have to be if they fight monsters on a regular basis! And deal with thieves!

[Caught up in Kaitou's pace, she starts running away, definitely awake now.] Grr... I can't shoot back while I'm running! Why'd you take them, anyway?
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Challenges are all well and good, but why did it have to involve me? And honestly, did you really come here with the intent to rile them up and then just leave? Possibly with the bodhi blastia you stole?
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[Rita raises an eyebrow, but she isn't really in a position to argue.] This had better not be some kind of trap, or I swear, you are going to be your own funeral pyre!

[And the girl runs to follow Kaitou.]
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Hey! [Rita is certainly thankful to be not getting shot any longer, but she loses her balance when Kaitou takes the box back, falling on her face. She didn't look to see if Yuri followed her or not.]

Oy, creep! [She pushes off the ground with a hand, getting back to her feet.] What are you planning to do with those bodhi blastia, anyway?
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...So you stole them just to steal them? That's a new one.
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I'm not sure I've heard of someone who steals to unwind. It's not impossible, but it's still kinda crazy.
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"Stealing is fun." Oh, the Knights would love you. Maybe you and Yuri can be in neighboring cells.
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[Rita seems to mull the idea over.] That's... true... Can't really hold down someone that can worldhop at will.

Must be nice, being able to go anywhere just because.