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Daiki Kaitou ([personal profile] of_many_treasures) wrote2013-02-02 08:17 pm

To Momotaros

Momotaros I have a proposition for you. Something that might make a lady of my acquaintance interested and very happy, as well as helping out a few people in need.

Care to hear about it?
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Tch, I guess I've got nothing better to do right now, so I might as well talk to you. Even if you are a jerk. Fine, I'll hear ya out.
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...hah? [Momo tilts his head, because what the hell is this guy going on about.] Where the hell are you even getting this from? I'm pretty sure I'd know if I could become a train.

And besides, you need a pass to travel on DenLiner, not a card.
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You're seriously saying I can become DenLiner? Man... your powers are really weird.

Anyway, why exactly should I wanna help you out? I don't really like you.
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Why can't they just stick with beating up monsters with swords? Nothing weird about that!

Ah, geez. Look, that kinda sappy stuff is Ryoutarou's area, not mine. I dunno about this.
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Ha, I guess if you're not strong you've got to rely on gimmicks like that. Sucks to be you!

Look, it's not that I'm a bad guy or anything, but I can't just go giving people free rides through time. Owner might actually get mad about that. [Would you be able to tell if he was?]
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Yeah, like I said, you're not strong enough. It's okay, not everyone can be as awesome as me!

...you're really stubborn about this, huh?
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You're just gonna find a way to do this anyway if I don't agree, huh? ...okay, fine, I'll help out! But I still don't like you!
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Yeah, yeah, sure! Just make sure they know that it's all thanks to the amazing Momotaros!