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Locked from Clove

Well shit. I think I tore myself open while giving a object lesson to the newbie.

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Just what are you doing?
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And you're doing that, injured, WHY?
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You got shot just a couple of days ago, and you tore open your stitches!

[Congratulations, you've done the impossible. You made Kendrix angry.]
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Do I have to find a way to drag you to the Megaship and have Alpha secure you to the bed in the infirmary? There are restraints that are Ranger-proof--I'm pretty sure they're Kaitou-proof too!
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I'm pretty sure she'll agree it's a necessary risk. Besides, the medical technology is all from KO-35, so it's a lot more advanced than what comes from any Earth I know of.
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And if I have to grab the Galaxy Book and knock you out with it, I will.
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...what did you do this time? [She sounds calm, but her voice is strained. Choose your next words very carefully, Kaitou. A calm angry Yuri is scarier than a yelling one.]
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... [She just stares at him silently like this. Because a special kind of idiocy deserves a special kind of look. Obviously this wasn't what she wanted to hear.]
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Unless my memory is somehow faulty, I'm certain we just had a talk the other day about thinking things through.
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You are impossible.
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I'm not denying that. But it's in situations like this where thinking ahead is especially important. If you rush in blindly, you'll end up getting yourself killed one day. And I won't allow that to happen.
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Understandable, really, but you'll likely do more harm than good this way.
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That would probably be for the best. You're not going to do much of anything until you've recovered, anyway.
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Maybe the downtime will be good for you. It will give you less chances to almost die like an idiot. [She means that in the nicest possible way.]
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Good. She might actually be able to keep you there long enough for you to heal.
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That's not such a bad idea, actually. Tell her she has my blessing, if it will keep you there. [She's only partially joking.]
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I can imagine. Maybe this will teach you to be more careful in the future.
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That sounds so painful! T_T
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-__- What's that suppose to mean?!
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I just came to check on you! Why are you being so mean? It's not my fault that nobody understands me.
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You're so cruel. No wonder somebody

What happened to you again?