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Kaitou is a thief. A really good one. If you don't want him stealing things, please list them below. Thanks.

Also, if you don't want him hopping into your world via his own powers, say so below.
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[personal profile] originaldragoon 2012-07-05 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! Kaitou could try, but not succeed, in stealing Rose's dragoon spirit and her sword, the Dragon Buster. Mainly because she always have them with her, and the dragoon spirit would always find a way back to her.
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Hi! I'm okay with stuff getting stolen from my characters, but I thought I should say they are generally the sort to get violent if that happens. óuò
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Yes, well. You wouldn't like Scratch when he's angry. ;;;
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Kaitou will completely fail to be able to steal the Keyblade. It'll go like Jack Sparrow's attempt, but with less rum.

Also, touch her Wayfinder, and she'll make you hurt, Diend.
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Hope you like the taste of your spleen!
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Chie probably doesn't have anything of worth. Utena just has her signet ring, and Mami...her family was rich so lots of possible things there. Not to mention a certain magical gem--though, of course, that would have to carefully planned.
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Sure; I meant it'd have to be OOC-ly planned a little, mostly. Because...that would be very bad if he world hopped away with said jewel.
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Yes, yes it will be. Extremely bad. He'd have Lancer on him SO FAST...
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[personal profile] twotailmechanic 2012-08-31 10:27 pm (UTC)(link)
He can steal an extra laptop from him but other than that, he doesn't have much that would be useful to him in his world (unless he works with airplanes or wants a hover-board like device).

Also, this is kinda off-limits since Tails really needs it, plus it might screw up any future canon moves.
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Rimudo and Takiko's world is locked against worldhopping for now. That maaay open up in the future but probably not for a while.

Rimudo may get pulled out for the occasional DDD event, however. Right now he doesn't have much of anything on him worth stealing, unless you count whatever weapon he's carrying at the time. (And most of those he... stole himself.....)

Later on in canon he acquires a sword with a lot of sentimental value to him, but its acquisition will probably be broadcast to the community somehow so Kaitou'll be finding out about it anyway.