of_many_treasures: (Aw Geez)
Daiki Kaitou ([personal profile] of_many_treasures) wrote2013-09-11 06:23 pm

Beaten Up With Nowhere to Go

[Well if this wasn't a sorry sight.

Kaitou was stumbling along, holding a wounded shoulder as he was making his way to the only people who he trusted to get him help. And with a groan, he collapsed in the front of Myodoun Academy, face first on the ground.

It wasn't long till students started noticing this, and Kaitou groaned as he tried to get up. He was also clutching onto a familiar looking cooler with a shrill elephant-like miniature sound trumpeting from inside.

With a heave, he looked up at the nearest student, biting out,] Call your student body president... and get me to the infirmary...

[Someone help? Looks like he got severely thrashed again.]

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