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The New Fairy Is A Treasure? (Part 2) - RL in Precure World 2010

[Kaitou made tracks quickly to the Myodouin household, bypassing anyone coming in the front door and leaping over the fence. His bag was squirming but he had put a lock on it just in case.

Slipping into the compound, he stealthed around and peered around a corner. Good, she was alone.]

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[Here, have an incredulous Kendrix.]

You didn't.
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...I'm going to hit you for this, you know.
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...I am really going to hit you for this.
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Eep! [Itsuki was not, unsurprisingly, expecting anyone to sneak into her family's walled compound and come visit. Let alone this creep.]

W-what do you want?
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Gifts from a self-admitted thief? And really, it's a nice thought, but I don't need a stalker. I don't know if you forgot, but you kind of attacked me the last time we met, even if you said it was for a good cause.
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[Itsuki feels her heart stop as she hears the voice.] No... no, you didn't...! [And her fears are confirmed as the bag is opened and there's a yellow fairy in his hands.]

...that newborn fairy... Kaitou, what did you... [She shakes her head, dismissing that question.] Why me?
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I... wha... what is that? Is that a...!? [Her face runs hot; proof or not, there are some things you don't do in a girl's own home. And she walks over and decks him for it, a solid shot right to the face.] How dare you! But... you're right. It's evidence. There wouldn't be merchandise if it didn't happen.

[And his instructions to Potpourri really drove it home.] I'm... I'm a Precure...? But I... [She looks down at the fairy in her arms, and she can't seem to find the anger she'd been channeling, her complaint dying on her lips as she realizes that this fairy is effectively hers.]
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The second time? ['He said he "stole him"... did he...!?'] Did you fight Blossom for him? [She's not sure whether to be touched or angry again.]

...Yes? Why would I even know the answer to that question? It's like I told Tsubomi earlier. It doesn't matter if you have power or not. It's about having the heart for the task at hand. Honestly, I could care less why I was chosen. [Her grip on the warm fairy in her arms tightens unconsciously, ever so slightly.] It's working out, but...

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[Yuri's running all over Kibogahana, searching for Kaitou. She looks more pissed than she's ever been. Hell hath no fury like a Yuri who's just been told a fairy's in trouble.]
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[The second she spots Kaitou, Yuri turns towards him and pretty much stomps over to him.]

Where is he?! [Be careful how you answer, Kaitou and you might even get through this without being punched.]
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With... You did what?! [By this point some of the anger has faded (but not nearly all of it) to be replaced by confusion.]

Just what are you up to?
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From the way Tsubomi told things, I get the feeling you weren't exactly gentle. If you really wanted to bring Potpourri to Itsuki, there were better ways to go about it!

[Yuri walks right up to him and looks him in the eye.] What makes you think you have the right to decide something like this?

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